Learning in the Early Years Nursery and Reception at Rushey Green

We are extremely proud of our Early Years Foundation Stage here at Rushey Green Primary School.

We have one large nursery and three reception classes each with their own outdoor play area. We have a huge variety of high-quality resources that enable the children to develop the skills that they need to become active learners.

We understand what makes children successful learners and make sure that we provide the children with endless opportunities to develop these skills.




Our qualified and experiences staff are strongly committed to the development of language, physical and social skills alongside the development of early reading, writing and Maths. The children are enabled to learn these skills rapidly through high quality, meaningful play experiences which make learning fun!

It is our priority that children develop a positive self-awareness, an understanding and respect of themselves and others regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.


Children need the opportunity to play, acting out their own experiences in order to make sense of their world.



We encourage them to develop their own curiosity in order to explore the world around them.

Children need opportunities to take risks, try new things and have a go at things that might challenge them.



We encourage children to persevere and keep on trying, and always praise and reward children who are trying their best

We encourage children to become involved and concentrate, developing and nurturing high levels of fascination and curiosity

We foster a sense of pride and celebrate when the children achieve what they set out to do

We aim to provide a culture where children are confident to think for themselves, having their own ideas, and sharing with others.

Children are encouraged to draw on their own experiences in order to make links, notice patterns, make predictions and test their own ideas.

We encourage children to take control of their learning, developing their independence by choosing ways to do things, make and adapt plans and learn problem solving skills in order to achieve their goals.

Our children spend their days in early years pursuing their own interests. We offer a child centred curriculum with staff who specialise in using the interests of children to plan and teach exciting learning opportunities.