Music Mark | Leaders in High Quality Music Education ‘I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music’ – Plato

      Music Mark believes that over 2,000 years later Plato is still right, but we would go one step further.

    Our refreshed Vision not only stresses that every child should have access to music education, but that it should be the best it can be.





Mrs. Tyler our Music Lead does a fantastic job of orchestrating cross school In-Class Music lessons, Music-day workshops, Clubs, Choirs and Trips all to develop our students well rounded knowledge of music, instruments and sound. 

Lewisham Music Service 

Rushey Green work closely with Lewisham Music service: an independent charity ''on a mission to inspire and empower young people across our community''  


Lewisham music provide lots of resources and learning material within school.  Through Lewisham Music, we are able to offer the students in Rushey Green the opportunity to learn instruments as part of their extra-curricular enrichment. Children can learn how to play the Drums, Piano, Violin or Cello, Guitar and more.



It is important for us to provide our students with a platform to showcase their learning, to enable them to develop a sense of pride in their development.  Rushey Green honour this practice through holding singing assemblies where the Choir are able to perform to their peers, Trips and competitions for the children to take part in and also support other schools within our community.