Junior Leadership Vision

To make an impact and make Rushey Green Primary the best school in Lewisham. 



Deputy head JLT

Hello my name is Maeve and I am 10 Years old. I am from the Ivory Coast and Mali, and alongside English, I can speak French. As the deputy head, I am kind of like the second in command. I enjoy being active; I participate in sports every week. On Tuesday's its swimming, Friday I do judo- My favourite! On Saturday's I go to the mosque with my family. I chose to be apart of JLT to build my profile as a leader amongst my peers.


Learning Ambassador

Hello I am Zion and I'm part of the JLT. I hope that I can help children to enjoy coming to school and feel motivated about learning. I am a learning ambassador; my job is to make sure everyone feels happy and interested in their learning, while being ready to learn. I am English and Nigerian and my interests include football, singing and reading.


Quality of education Leader

Hello my name is Safa and within my role, I will make sure that learning is delivered in the way my peers want it to be, while also being suited to each learner: challenging at the same time .I am in Year 6 and my favourite subject is history, one day in the future I will be able to be a history professor. I am very grateful that I have this role and I hope I will make Rushey Green proud.


Quality of education committee

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am currently 11 years old and my class is 6U. I enjoy doing maths and helping others at their work since it makes me smile and maths comes really nicely to me. I wanted to be in the JLT because I believe that it could boost my self confidence and I’ll know that I’m improving my school. In the JLT, I hope to achieve that I made this school a fantastic place for students.


Pupil voice committee member

Hello, my name is Amelia and I am 10 years old. I am Proactive, self motivated and I love doing fun activities! I Decided to join JLT because I believe that I can make Rushey Green Primary school a better school than it already is. I enjoy: Art, dancing, sketching and mathematics. I like to do most of these things because I find that with a pencil/pen or piece of paper, I can easily start a new project. In my spare time I like to go out with friends and family and enjoy participating in outdoor activities.


Pupil voice committee member

Hello my name is Santayah and I am 11 years old, I am apart of the pupil voice committee and in class 6u (6 usa). In the pupil voice committee I hope to gain skills so that I can be ready for the future. The things I enjoy are sketching, sports, baking, dancing and maths. I became a part of the jlt (junior leadership team) to make Rushey green even better than it is already!


My name is Kyla and I am in 6U My favourite subjects are Maths and reading. The things I do the most outside of school are riding my bike, roller skating and swimming. If I were to describe my personality, I would say that I am kind , helpful and funny, not forgetting that I am a hardworking person. The reason I joined JLT is because I love helping people, when I grow up I want to be a teacher and being in the JLT will help me a lot .I believe being in the JLT will grow my confidence.


Hello! My name is Michelle I am 11 and love celebrating my birthday like everyone else! I love people celebrating their good achievements but I don’t like when people show poor sportsmanship towards others. I am part of the Junior Leadership Team because it is a great opportunity to enable for future job opportunities. I hope that I achieve higher confidence levels while on stage or while talking in public and to overcome my stage fright.


My name is Sumaiya and I am very eager and passionate to improve how things are run in our school. I come from a Bangladeshi background and have a big family, where we are always doing things as a team. I like to help in the kitchen and love baking. I try to help my grandparents around the house and also go on walks with them. In my spare time, I like to play boardgames and enjoy dancing to music videos, especially BTS. During the holidays, I help organise picnics at the park for my family and friends and enjoy going to theme parks. As part of JLT, I would like to be the voice of my classmates to express their interests and hobbies and where possible, organise activities that are enjoyable for everyone. As I live with a big family, I feel I can easily get on with others, support and help lead on school activities. I am eager to create a monthly newsletter where it contains wordsearch/crosswords, suggestions of popular books/ games, photographs of recent events, and competition announcements.